Utah, USA 

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Adam Robertson

Certified Guide

Adam is a hard work success story with a proven track record in creating rapid positive change through sales teams. His early career in the automotive industry delivered a solid foundation for his experience before a family move to UT presented the opportunity to help multiple door-to-door direct marketing and automotive businesses scale.

He first came across the book Exactly What to Say back in 2018 and began implementing it into the sales process with auto dealerships and it has since become the cornerstone of all his trainings. 

Today you can experience Adam delivering keynote presentations, workshops and consulting with aspirational businesses that are looking to improve productivity, conversion rates and average sales price. 

He is at his most effective when helping support small groups of up to twelve people and going deep into the science and application of key phrases at critical times, and helping to empower both competence and confidence through those he supports. 

When not growing businesses, it’s highly likely that you will spot Adam in his happy place, high up in the sky and clocking up further air miles, only this time as the pilot himself!