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How To Add Your Exactly What to Say Certification To Your LinkedIn Profile

Hello, Exactly What to Say Certified Guide! Huge congratulations and welcome to our community of experts.

Now you’ve got your certification, it’s time to start letting the world know about your fabulous achievement! There are many ways that you can let people know about your certification and LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide about how to add your certificate to your profile.

1. Headline

The best place to start is on your LinkedIn headline. It’s the first thing that anyone will see as they head onto your profile page.

Adding the certification to your headline lets your followers know that you’re part of the Exactly What to Say team.

It’s really easy to do, just click on the Pencil on the top right-hand side of your page and add all the details into the Headline Section.

2. Licenses & Certifications

If you already have this section set up then you simply need to scroll down to it on your profile.

If you haven’t added it yet, click Add Profile Section and look for Licenses & Certificates under Recommended.

Click on Add Licenses & Certificates, and then click on the Plus sign. From here you just need to type what your certification is.

Issue the Organization Type as Exactly What to Say, once you’ve typed this the company page should pop up for you to select.

You can then add in your Certification Start Date, and for the Credential, you can put in the URL of the Exactly What to Say website or your Exactly What to Say guide page. When people click on the credential it will take them to the page.

3. Experience

You can add your new certification within your current role or add it as a separate role. Once you’ve done this it will add to the Exactly What to Say company page too.

Go to the Experience section and click on the Plus button and add the Position Title as Exactly What to Say Certified Guide. Type in the Company Name section Exactly What To Say and the company should come up for you to select.

Select Current and your Start Date. At this stage be careful not to end any of your current positions.

You can add a description if you want and, if you’ve got it, add any media that might be relevant. 

Once you’ve added everything make sure that you click ‘Save’.

Please note that LinkedIn automatically lists your new role first. If you don’t want it at the top you can re-order your experience list. To change it click on the Pencil and you can drag the hamburger (three lines) icon and reposition it in whatever order suits you.

4. Featured Section

You can also add your new certification to your Featured Section. This can be done as either a graphic or a video.

You can add any content that’s relevant to your new certified role to this section every time you post. It’s a great way of keeping your followers up to date with all the fantastic new things that you’re doing and how your expertise as a guide can help others.

And there you have it, you’ve added your new Certified Guide status to your professional profile.