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Exactly What to Say® Personal Certification – In Person Masterclass

7-8 November 2024

Chicago, IL

Limited to just 16 people

An immersive and rigorous experience led personally by Exactly What To Say® Certified Guides Tricia Brouwers and Kara Moll to help elite professionals master the power of their words in many of life’s critical conversations.

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How To Leverage Your Core Values While Impacting Others To Discover Purpose & Possibilities

Tricia Brouwers

For over thirty years, Trica has been helping leaders and sales professionals to realize more of their potential. She is a change-maker, and her key for catalyzing that change is to help others realise that curiosity is a superpower.

Kara Moll

Kara Moll is a Neuro Performance Master Coach, National Sales Trainer, Speaker, and EWTS Certified Guide. She believes that when it comes to successful communication, one size doesn’t fit all, but one phrase could fit many – depending on the situation. And this is what has drawn her to the Exactly What to Say methodology. Her goal is to help individuals who want to grow their leadership skills and create better communication and team environments, whether at home or work.

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