Florida, USA

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"Veronica represents the best of what this industry has to offer. She has built an empire in the real estate industry on the back of her grit, determination and passion. It’s rare to find an individual that has achieved so much while still being able to give back to so many. There are countless people in our industry whose lives and businesses are better because of Veronica - myself included. I can’t wait to see what she does next."
Jimmy Mackin
"Veronica is known for making an impact to the industry, to agents, and to her clients. That impact is the direct result of her work ethic, commitment to others, and the size of her heart"
Ben Kinney
CEO Place
"Veronica is truly an industry icon and visionary. I had the good fortune of spending a day in her world and three things stood out to me. Her work ethic, leadership, and heart. She loves on her people and leads by example better than anyone I've ever worked with."
Jay Kinder
CEO & Co-founder, NAEA

Veronica Figueroa

Certified Guide

Veronica Figueroa is a renowned real estate influencer helping brokers, team leaders and agents. Well known for her vivacious personality, she is instigating significant change in the industry by challenging the status quo.

Veronica loves helping people to open their minds and hearts, and to dream big. Having struggled in the past to balance her work/family life, she strives to empower women to come together and overcome the challenges of the many things that working parents have to juggle.

She’s an advocate for mental health and is incredibly open about her own personal struggles and how she has overcome them to succeed professionally. She mentors with a real passion, guiding her clients to strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights.