Change your words. Change your world.


Writing this is a dream. My entire professional life I have believed in the power of words, their impact on critical conversations and the fact that just about every single challenge in the world could be resolved if the right people could talk about it in the right way. 

And here we are, now much bigger than a little book or some fun lines in a keynote speech, this is a movement to raise the collective consciousness for just how impactful the words that leave our lips and our fingertips really are. 

Sharing this mission with the team, our certified guides and an army of like-minded professionals I believe that changing our world for the better starts with changing our words for the better. 

Keep being brilliant!

Can you help support the mission?

If you believe in these four cornerstones of critical conversations, then you too hold the power to help make a huge difference. 


The worst time to think about the thing you are saying is in the moment you are saying it.

What if more people just gave more time effort and energy to consider their word choices ahead of time instead of living in the consequences of failing to prepare or losing the moment?


Curiosity is the fuel for great conversations

Surely it makes more sense to understand someone else’s context before you ever look to insert your own point of view? 


People do things for their own reasons and not yours

What’s going to be easier, offering someone a thousand ideas and hoping one of them works or learning more about them and their needs and recommending the one thing that will truly help?


The person asking the questions is in control of the conversation

Wouldn’t it make more sense to lead the dance of conversation one question at a time as opposed to a series of stop/start statements?

A brief history of Exactly What to Say™


Phil M Jones started sharing “Magic Words” as part of his sales training programs


Phil M Jones captured delivering “Magic Words” speech for The Pampered Chef and gains viral growth when shared to YouTube 


“Magic Words” launches as Phil’s second ever book and runs to a national best seller in a matter of weeks


Phil M Jones recognised by BESMA as “Sales Trainer of the Year”


Live event held for small business owners at a theatre in the UK 


CD launched for Network Marketers


First edition of Exactly What to Say™ book launched 


Invited to perform and create the Audible Original “How to Persuade and Get Paid” 


Second edition relaunched with full trade distribution 


Foreign translations becoming available in countless languages 


Most listened to non-fiction audiobook of the year 


Real Estate Edition launched with Jimmy Mackin and Chris Smith 


First custom edition launched with Professional Photographers Assosiation


Reached milestone of 1 million copies of book sold


Launched as one of the first ever Lit Videobooks


Phil M Jones inducted into National Speakers Assosiation Hall of Fame 


Released “The Magic of Words” to introduce core concepts to our future leaders 


Announced Certified Guides programme 




Full events schedule released for EWTS workshops nationally in the USA 


Exactly What to Say™ on your Website – With Marcus Sheridan releases