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Certified Guides

Once you decide that mastering the art of communication is important enough to focus on, it’s challenging to know exactly where to start. Working with a Certified Guide delivers you an experienced practitioner who can lead you and your team through workshops, coaching and custom tailored experiences to deliver the results and impact you desire. 

Alex Lopez

Pennsylvania, USA

Alex is a real estate leader serving real estate professionals. From coaching to investing, Alex can teach you all the skills you need to succeed in the world of real estate.

Andrea Ferry

Pennsylvania, USA

Andrea Ferry is a coaching sales agent helping people to improve their businesses by maximizing networking opportunities through meaningful conversation. She first discovered the Exactly What To Say Book a few years ago and has been drawing on its content ever since. You’ll find Andrea sharing her expertise on several platforms, including in-person and online.

Beth Granger

New York, USA

Beth is a LinkedIn oracle who works with organizations and individuals to grow their businesses through referrals. Part friend, part consultant, confidante, and sales enabler.

Brian Douglas

Georgia, USA

Brian Douglas is an attorney specializing in probate and real estate. His goal is to make the process of completing an estate plan for his clients as easy and stress-free as possible.

Bryan Welsh

Oregon, USA

A creative professional with mastery of the professional photography industry and the perfect fit for independent business owners who want to be paid more for their passion. 

Carolyn Strauss

Colorado, USA

Carolyn Strauss is an expert at team building and communication. She works with businesses to get work done in real time while supporting and appreciating the people involved. Through keynotes, workshops and as a professional emcee, she brings energy and insights to events worldwide.

Dave Inglis

Toronto, Canada

Helping leaders to have high impact in their key relationships, especially their most important ones that often live outside the workplace. Committed to helping to enhance the quality of conversations everywhere.

Deborah Byrd

Texas, USA

Deborah Byrd is the CEO & Founder of Plug and Play SM, a social media marketing company that specializes in the mortgage industry. With a background in teaching, she has a passion for helping people learn, grow, and improve. As an EWTS Certified Guide she provides simple techniques for improving Critical Conversations through keynote speeches, virtual training, and business consulting.

Dr. Jen Forristal

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Jen Forristal is a naturopathic doctor, author, speaker, and CEO of the Umbrella Project. The project specializes in supporting the next generation of kids to grow into strong, adaptable people connected through parenting.

Jessica Woodbeck

Michigan, USA

Jessica helps people to Thrive. A committed leadership practitioner and Real Estate expert with a track record of being the catalyst for accelerated growth in people, purpose and profits.

Jodi Orgill Brown

Utah, USA 

Creating communities in the workplace has never been more important. Jodi is the master of helping teams to find the glue that sticks them together and the fuel that empowers them to achieve more through creating an anti-fragile outlook for all. 

Joe Herrera

Las Vegas, USA

Joe Herrera is an associate broker at Real Broker and co-founder of the Joe Taylor Group. Joe doesn’t think of himself as a salesperson, but as a professional hired to guide his clients through the major life event of buying or selling a home.

Kevin Boyle

Florida, USA

Kevin Boyle is a speaker/coach, business consultant, real estate advisor, and Exactly What to Say® Certified Guide. With a passion for transformative communication, Kevin harnesses the power of Exactly What to Say® and other techniques to enhance personal, professional, team, and company-wide interactions.

Leigh Howes

Hertfordshire, UK

Leigh Howes is a leadership coach, strategist, author and speaker. She guides founders, CEOs and decision-makers at each stage of their business journey to help them get the most out of their business. Leigh absolutely loves to share her knowledge through speaking, writing and workshops.

Marc Pitman

South Carolina, USA

Marc Pitman is a leadership expert and fundraising coach. He can teach you to lead teams more effectively with less stress.

Mindy Jones

Arizona, USA

Mindy Jones is the owner of the Amy Jones Group, an all-female owned and operated real estate team. She is also the founder of Community On Purpose, a non-profit organization serving women and families through volunteerism and community giving.

Nicholas Pitt

Georgia, USA

Helping independent private healthcare practices to dominate in their market places and delivering integrity based business growth strategies to inspire medical professionals with the ambition to achieve more.

Nicole Cramer

Tennessee, USA

A results-focused Sales Coach with the unique ability to inspire confidence and deliver practical methodology to create demonstrably different results in their sales presentations, discovery calls and demonstrations.

Renee Funk

Florida, USA

Renee Funk coaches and guides professional real estate agents and real estate team leaders. She focuses on elevating the communications and customer experiences for the buyers, sellers and investors. She loves to share her expertise through workshops on stage and by creating her unique videos.

Rob Ferre

Utah, USA

Rob Ferre specializes in helping businesses in the events and entertainment sector. He works closely with organizations to create a movement through positive influence. Rob’s mission is to create unforgettable meetings, working with planners who want to go from boring to soaring!

Robyn Burdett

Virginia, USA

Winning in Real Estate is notoriously difficult. Being at the top of your game for over 30 years takes a very special formula. Robyn is now dedicated to sharing her success recipe and help others to master their critical conversations to enable long-term, sustainable success.

Steve Arroyo

California, USA

With a background in the fitness industry and a rich experience in Financial Services, Steve knows a lot about peak performance. He is now dedicating his focus to helping others to help their clients to make complex decisions with confidence and demystify products and services that often cause confusion. 

Steven Lozada

Pennsylvania, USA

A master of helping teams achieve more in all areas of their productivity. Steven believes that you are just one conversation away from the change you are looking for and is excited to help you make the moment happen.

Tanis Roeder

Colorado, USA

Presentation skills sit at the heart of just about every moment of influence. Tanis helps unlock the abilities of leaders to have more impact in their presentations to others on every stage that life presents.

Teri Quimby

Michigan, USA

Getting others to see things from a new perspective, helping people get on the same side and simplifying complexity are just some of Teri’s superpowers. A professional’s professional with experience working in some of the world’s most demanding sectors.

Todd Bookspan

Arizona, USA

Todd Bookspan is the founder of Win By Noon, a company focused on helping people in sales be more productive in less time. He’s also the co-founder of the Bookspan Baker Mortgage Team, and FirstHome IQ, a non-profit focusing on helping the youth make smart money decisions. As an EWTS Certified Guide, Todd teaches better communication skills so that you can work more effectively with clients.

Tricia Brouwers

Indiana, USA

Tricia is a veteran in mortgages, sales, and management with over 29 years of experience in the field. Her motto is to help other people everywhere.

Veronica Figueroa

Florida, USA

Veronica is an award-winning real estate influencer known for her vivacious personality. She has created a real estate mega team aiming to help brokers, team leaders and agents unlock their highest potential. She is impacting significant change in the real estate industry developing leaders and challenging the status quo. Veronica loves to share her vast expertise on stage, creating videos or through hands-on workshops.

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