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The perfect
add-on to your business

Back in 2017, Phil M Jones published a book that has revolutionized the communications industry and helped everyone from parents to professors to have more influence and impact in their critical conversations.

With now over 2 million copies of the book in circulation, it being the most listened to non-fiction book on Audible and having translations spanning close to 30 different languages, there has been an influx of demand for the core lessons and principles to be taught to others in a human to human fashion. 

Resisting temptation to launch an ‘online-course’ Phil has stayed true to his values that learning to become better communicators in all areas of conversation is best served when facilitated by real people and in real moments – and as such, the opportunity to become a Certified Guide was created in January 2022. There are now approaching 30 Guides across the US, Canada and UK.

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Why now?

Celebrating the milestone of over 1 million books distributed, a brand new expanded hardcover edition of Exactly What to Say was released in Spring of 2022. This has evolved also into the introduction of the exclusive Exactly What to Say workbook, which is only available to Guides as facilitators and to participants of Certification programs delivered by Phil or the Certified Guides.

The Workbook is the perfect tool to support an assisted learning experience and is only available to Guides to purchase as part of their workshops and training events.

Ideal Candidates

Having access to this expertise and curriculum is the perfect add on for an existing Coach, Trainer, Consultant or Business Owner. 

Successful candidates will all be personally vetted by Phil and will also need to demonstrate a deep existing understanding of the book and provide personal examples of its positive impact on their own lives.

Becoming a Certified Guide is an add on to your existing business and the program will help add additional revenue opportunities to your current organization, provide deeper knowledge around influence and persuasion and connect you to a passionate community of like-minded individuals. 

To progress to becoming a Certified Guide, candidates will have already completed a 2-day certification program with Phil and are regularly practising and sharing the content in their own world.


The Opportunity

Becoming an Exactly What to Say Guide is best viewed as an accelerant to your existing business and your value is best realised when you use the opportunities it creates to support your existing operation.

Becoming a Guide gives you the ability to:

Team Meetings

How We Support

Succeeding as a Guide is dependent on your own ability to create and maximize opportunities.

To help set you up for success, you receive the following…

team meetings
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Joe Herrera

“As someone who has a lot of public speaking opportunities, I’ve always felt confident in my ability to deliver, but insecure about the content. Being able to study and teach this program gives me extreme confidence that I can present anytime anywhere on very short notice, and absolutely knocked out of the park.”


“Being an Exactly What to Say® Guide has allowed me to reconnect with love of conversations that I enjoyed and still do enjoy with family, friends, business colleagues and my clients. Embracing the work as a Guide has transformed my relationships and I love to teach others how words can change your world. The Guide community is probably one of the strongest, involved, giving coaching groups I have ever had the honor of being part of. We share so much about the differences we are making and struggles we are having teaching/coaching, which has created tremendous growth for all of the Guides.”

What happens at a new Certified Guides program?

The Investment

Becoming a Guide requires some focused effort and a financial investment of $17,500 USD for the initial registration, training, materials, marketing assets, development of and receipt of 100 copies of your own customized version of EWTS, and licence, with an annual recurring renewal of $5,000 USD.

Dave Inglis

"Investing in the Exactly What to Say Guide Certification is the perfect compliment to an existing coaching practice. Within the first 30 days we’ve been able to integrate the EWTS principles and practices into our existing programs, and earn ~50% of our investment back. While the learning is great, the best part is having the opportunity to connect with brilliant leaders from around the world. We’re just getting started."

Tanis Roeder

"Since you are looking at this I'm guessing you are a bit like me and have a desire to continue growing personally while you help those around you. Taking the leap and going through the Exactly What to Say certification process was the best decision I have made in a long time for me and my business.

Phil allowed the learning experience to flow naturally which gave space for everyone in the room to have their own 'aha' moments and figure out how to use the magic words in authentic ways within their own personal and professional lives. Everyone in the room created what I know will be lifelong friendships and many even started sharing business opportunities with each other right then and there. 

As soon as I got back home I immediately started using what I learned and I have already gotten many 'can you teach us more of that?' responses. Is it going to be another revenue source for my business, absolutely. Will I get a return on my investment, without a doubt. But for me, the best part is that I get to be part of a movement that is positively impacting the world.

Oh, and just one more thing. If you are still thinking about it after reading all of our testimonials, it means that you are experiencing analysis paralysis - stop it! Come join our Certified Guide family already!"

Kevin Boyle

“Become an Exactly What To Say Certified Guide has had a profound effect on my own personal and professional life. While being able to apply the framework for myself, I have been able to create a speaking, coaching, and consulting business that continues to grow into numerous industries while creating opportunities I have only dreamt of.”

And What Else?

As a Guide you also have the ability to promote and discuss the work through interviews, integrate into your own training systems and be a fully authorized ambassador for Exactly What to Say with the freedom to be creative. 

Further opportunities are available to Guides to allow them to:

Ready for the next step?

Everything you need to know about whether becoming an EWTS Certified Guide is right for you was captured in a recent webinar presented by Phil. Simply enter your name and email address to register your interest and access the recording. If you then decide that becoming a Guide is the perfect next step for you, you will be invited to submit a full inquiry.

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Jessica Woodbeck

“Becoming a Certified Guide in Exactly What to Say has changed my thought process and communication completely. As a mom, wife and business owner, I am empowered with a set of tools that strengthens every conversation with a potentially better outcome, does it get any better than that? From running meetings to speaking on stage, this content gives you a powerful foundation to stand on.”

Andrea Ferry

"Becoming an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide has dramatically accelerated my business growth and business acumen. Having Phil as a mentor and was a fast forwarded version of Wharton business school. Since partnering with the brand/Phil, the cash flow of my business has tripled and I have built out income for the next six months plus. In addition to my business growing, I now have gotten over my fear of public speaking, and I am now compensated to speak. Who would’ve thought that I would be joining the national speakers association in New York City?

"Doing the “work before the work” applies to your conversational framework, your relationships, and your business. I am realizing how much power there is in preparation to deliver at a high-level when executing a goal. In addition, the community of guides is the peer group that I’ve been searching for for a long time. Everyone is helpful, transparent, and they want to see you succeed.

"With everything in life, you get what you put in. This isn’t simply a “designation”, it is a body of work that we have been trusted to deliver at the highest level. The best part - is that it is still evolving, and we get to be a part of it! I am very grateful to be part of this community. I’ve always said ‘ you just need one person to believe in you’ and you can take off like a rocket! Thank you for everything Phil!"

Marc Pitman

"As an established coach, speaker, and author, becoming an EWTS Certified Guide has been transformational. I gained access to incredibly powerful content that clients immediately act on. More importantly, I've joined a community of experts committed to improving the world one conversation at a time.

"Coaching, speaking, and writing, while rewarding, can be isolating. The EWTS Certified Guides community removes that isolation. I'm surrounded by professionals around the world with experience in vastly different industries than mine. We are challenging, encouraging, and supporting each other as we grow our individual businesses and the EWTS brand.

"And being an EWTS Certified Guide has been good for business. My net profit has more than doubled since becoming an EWTS Certified Guide."

Renee Funk

“Becoming a proud Certified Guide provides unique skills which have deepened my relationship with my spouse and my teenagers. As a Real Estate Team Leader and Professional Speaker, being a Certified Guide is uncovering previously untapped opportunities. The value being delivered within the Guide community is eye-opening and impactful.”