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Building a Personal Brand to Become a Locally Known Expert

A workshop focused on building a consistent client base Hosted by Exactly What to Say® Certified Guide Mindy Jones & Business Coach & Strategist Colleen Biggs on September 20, 2024.

In this innovative session on building a personal brand, Mindy will take you through the exact steps she has followed to become a locally known expert in the real estate community while building a brand that is clearly and consistently aligned with community building and giving back. Colleen will reveal how she has become an icon in the coaching world, all while building a highly engaged community based on the visibility of others. We’ll dig into why building a foundation rooted in community works in every market and five ways YOU can establish yourself regardless of your industry. Want a hungry client base, reduced client attrition, and happier clients? This is the session for you.


Mindy Jones

Mindy Jones


September 20, 2024



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