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Girls With Grit Real Estate Conference

If Carrie Underwood was a real estate conference, this would be it! Sassy, classy and a LOT bad-assy!

Rhinestone Cowgirl is ALL about building the business you need to weather the changing market we are in!

You’ll be learning from the best of the best. Our speakers are women who have thrived in changing markets just like these, and teaching you their tried and true gems of success!

This year’s content will run the gamut for both new and highly experienced agents!

  • Cutting edge marketing ideas to reel in your ideal client
  • Conversion strategies to educate your clients how millionaires are built in markets like these
  • Systems to build you business brick by brick to outlast any market conditions for success
  • The nuts and bolts of building your superstar team to work harder not smarter

And lots, lots more.

And on top of our amazing group of speakers, Tara, Jamie & Lauren will be bringing ALL of the best Gritty Girl content to help you CRUSH your goals in 2023 and beyond!

Everything you’ll see at Rhinestone Cowgirl is new, new new! New speakers, never before seen content and more Gritty Girl action that you can handle.

One thing that is NOT NEW is the fact that this will be, hands down, the BEST conference of 2023.


Jessica Woodbeck


24-27 April


Dallas, Texas