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Weekly Webinar: How to Build Your Personal Brand to Become a Locally Known Expert

Are you looking to create a purpose-driven business that attracts your ideal clients and allows you to give back to your community? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

Hosted by Certified Guide, Mindy Jones, this session will show you EXACTLY how to move your business forward with clarity and confidence.

It’s called…

“How to Build Your Personal Brand to Become a Locally Known Expert

In this exclusive webinar, you’ll discover how to enhance your brand by focusing on these 5 areas:

  • Authenticity & Personal Brand – Learn strategies for engaging with the local community, building strong relationships through local events, and leveraging network partners.
  • Community Engagement – Showcase your expertise, experience, and values through educational posts, insights, and thought leadership on your social accounts.
  • Strategic partnerships – Learn how to pick your partners for maximum exposure and collaboration.
  • Conversational Leadership -Establish yourself as a local expert through effective communication techniques, active listening, and staying curious.
  • Credibility and Exposure – Harness the power of public speaking, podcasting, and hosting events to establish credibility.

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Mindy Jones

Mindy Jones


14th July 2023

2pm EST