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3 Keys To Opening Resistant Conversations

Did you know that there are 3 keys that will open any door… 

As a leader, a sales professional or even as just a friend. 

The caveat is that they will only work if the operator is caring, compassionate and committed to long-term excellence. 

Key 1 - Genuine Compliment

When you take the moment to offer meaningful and specific compliments to people that show them that they are seen, then you almost always increase likeability, win friendship and start a new chapter in a relationship. 

Key 2 - Sincere Recognition

Acknowledging the contribution of others for the reasons that matter to you (and them) shows them that you value them, and if they value you, then makes them feel more valued. 

Key 3 - Request for an Opinion

Asking for someone else’s input tells them that you see them as a useful resource, validates their need for significance and shows them that you are open to being influenced. To influence others you must first show that you can be influenced yourself. 

How can these 3 keys help you open a conversation that is currently providing resistance?

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