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Exactly What to Say To Yourself To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

Let’s face it, many conversations are hard.

Every day you are challenged, confronted and presented with decision after decision that requires a conversation to help find clarity over what to do next.

For many, this can result in avoidance and procrastination. For others, it leads to aggression and frustration. Yet to few, they seem to manage to find a way to keep moving forward. 

Before you can elevate your communication skills with others, perhaps it all starts with the person you speak with the most – YOURSELF. 

That’s why, to kick off 2024, I ran a small private webinar for our community that took the core principles of EWTS and applied them directly to the ways you converse internally. 

I have had so many people ask for me to run this again. Instead, here is the full recording for you to access, share and consume at your own leisure. No charge, no forms to fill in, no data exchange. 

My only ask is that if you find something valuable in reviewing this training, stop by my Instagram and say hi, and let me know how this has helped you be kinder, smarter and more productive in your self talk.

Keep being brilliant,

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