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Conversations that Convert LinkedIn Audio

Back by popular demand!

Could it be possible that your ability to influence conversations would completely change your success and confidence in your sales? 

If having more confidence in your sales conversations is important to you, then we are excited to invite you to another enlightening LinkedIn Audio Event,

“Conversations that Convert” hosted by Exactly What to Say® – Certified guides, Nicole Cramer and Carlos M. Garcia.

This event is tailor-made for business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who often find themselves in pivotal conversations where knowing what to say can significantly impact their success.

Your Hosts:

Nicole Cramer, esteemed for her strategic guidance to sales professionals and women small business owners, and Carlos M. Garcia, a seasoned sales coach for financial professionals, will share their priceless insights on creating sales conversations that captivate and convert.

This session is a unique opportunity to discover how to:

🌟 craft a compelling value proposition

🌟 master the dynamics of sales dialogue

🌟 effectively position and price your offerings

🌟 efficiently manage your sales process

Join us on April 24th for an empowering hour focused on elevating your sales game!

Based on the principles outlined by best-selling author Phil M. Jones, this session will delve into the four cornerstones of critical conversations. We’ll apply the principles of curiosity, empathy, and courage to your sales interactions, accelerating decision-making and reducing friction. We’ll also address common objections, ensuring you show up more prepared and confident in your conversations moving forward.


Carlos Garcia

Nicole Cramer


24th April 2024

11am-12pm EST