Tennessee, USA

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Nicole Cramer

Certified Guide

Nicole’s professional career started as a High School Math teacher, evolved to becoming an experienced sales professional and now combines her desire to educate and ability achieve peak performance as a sales coach for female health and wellness entrepreneurs. Being a certified health coach herself she has long been aware of the challenge that this industry has to be properly compensated for their efforts and is passionate about helping to equip these people with the skills they really need. 

So many of these professionals have an amazing talent and skill and something that they can really help people with but they’re not doing it because they’re afraid to sell and they are fearful of feeling salesy and aggressive. Having experienced the same obstacles in her own corporate career and found ways to overcome them, she has now dedicated her career to supporting others to do the same. 

Back In 2017 she was the number one account exec and top revenue earner at her company. She was many people’s poster child for success in sales, yet deep inside was just not feeling the personal satisfaction she desired from the work. In a hunt for new inspiration she reached for her Audible account and stumbled over a short little book called Exactly What to Say. 

It has been listened to well over 100 times now and completely changed her feelings about and approach to selling. She was using it herself, teaching it to her co-workers and soon everything added up, she had found her calling and went all in on coaching and teaching others to achieve better sales results.