Change your words. Change your world.

Conversations that Convert Masterclass

This event is specially designed for business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who very often find themselves in high stakes conversations where knowing what to say can make a big difference in their overall success.

What will you get from attending this MASTERMIND?

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: I bet you’re a bit like me, always seeking to level up your communication skills. In this MASTERMIND, you’ll develop powerful communication strategies that are not just effective but transformative, enhancing your client interactions and significantly boosting your sales.
  • Overcome Rejection: Learn rejection-free opening techniques that make initial conversations with potential clients smoother and more successful.
  • Closing Techniques: Acquire skills in closing deals more effectively and learn upselling techniques to maximize your sales potential.
  • Immediate Results: Just imagine applying what you learn immediately, with structured opportunities for skill practice and preparation for real-world conversations. Experience the impact of your enhanced sales skills in real time and see the difference in your client interactions and business growth from day one.
  • Value for Investment: The conversational frameworks and techniques shared in this mastermind are a culmination of proven methods valued over $500 in courses and coaching. Our goal is to help you leave this event with the tools and skills to immediately get quick wins that will result in more closed business.

I’m not sure this is for you, but if you consider yourself someone who is Open-Minded and looking for ways to get more customers and close more deals, then join this MASTERMIND and let’s get started!

Price: $249

Early Bird Special $199 (USE CODE: CONVERT)


Carlos Garcia

Nicole Cramer


7th May 2024

11am-1pm EST