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Exactly how to handle a price objection!

Nicole Cramer

How many more times do you want to lose a customer to a price objection? 

You can let it keep happening if you want….but you’re certainly not helping anyone when you “buy” their excuse at face value and don’t bother to question it or challenge it.

Here’s what you’re basically saying: “I care about you right up to the point where it makes me feel uncomfortable and then I’m going to bail on you.”

I get it – it can feel really awkward if you don’t know how to navigate that part of a conversation.

This is where the “sales-ey” and pushy fears start to take over and control you.

But you’ve gotta care more about helping that person than you do about your own discomfort in doing something new and unfamiliar.

It’s your job to equip yourself with the conversational skills necessary to help someone through their limitations…whether it’s a price limitation or any of the other limitations that are going to come up when you’re coaching them.

It’s all the same…and it’s on you to learn how to use your words to influence the outcome that’s best for everyone.

It takes courage, it takes skills, and it takes intention. And it takes caring enough about that person to take a stand and show up for them.

Lucky for you, I have the perfect opportunity that will teach you everything you need to know so you never again lose a client from not knowing how to handle a price objection!

You can’t afford to miss it!!!


Nicole Cramer


January 6th, 2023

12pm-2pm Central