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Exactly How to Hire More Effectively, for Real Estate Team Leaders

Join Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide Renee Funk, as Renee shares the critical conversations for Team Leaders hiring Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Team Leaders…

  • Have you ever made the WRONG HIRE?
  • Have Agents joined your Team, with hopes for success, and yet, the agents do not plug in?
  • Are you seeking to improve adoption and engagement of Team Members?

Talent acquisition can be costly process, filled with costly potential mistakes. Making an incorrect hire impacts cultureand the bottom line.

Who are the ideal attendee’s to find value in attending the Exactly How to Hire Effectively Workshop?

  • Team Leaders seeking to hire Real Estate Agents in 2023
  • Team Leaders seeking a RESET on their Real Estate Team hiring process
  • Team Leaders seeking to deliver more effective results to their Team of Real Estate Agents.

The How to Hire Effectively Workshop outlines critical questions for Team Leaders to save time, save budget and most importantly HIRE Effectively to protect Team CULTURE and elevate Team SUCCESS!


Renee Funk


Thursday February 23, 2023

10am - 2pm ET


Winter Garden Heritage Center | Winter Garden, Florida