Change your words. Change your world.

Exactly What To Say Certification Workshop

Unlock the Power of Persuasion: A Mastery Program Inspired by Phil M Jones

Embark on an Exclusive, Two-Day Intensive Experience

Prepare for a transformative journey into the realm of strategic communication, meticulously led by Laurie Savino and Beth Granger, elite Exactly What to Say Certified Guides renowned for their exceptional success in guiding professionals to mastery.

As distinguished experts in the art of persuasive communication, Laurie and Beth bring a wealth of experience and proven results in elevating the influence and impact of elite professionals across industries. This immersive certification program is your opportunity to harness the strategic use of words in crucial conversations, setting you apart within your field.

Why this experience is unmatched:

  • Personalized Leadership: Learn directly from Laurie and Beth, whose expertise and insights have shaped the success of countless professionals. Benefit from their unique approach to mastering persuasive communication, grounded in real-world success and the profound teachings of Phil M Jones.
  • Elite Cohort: Limited to just 16 participants, this exclusive setup ensures personalized attention and an intimate, impactful learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into the science behind Magic Words and their application, with Laurie and Beth guiding you through how to wield these powerful tools with integrity to influence outcomes and achieve your goals.
  • Practical Mastery: Engage in role-play exercises and mastermind sessions, refining your skills to gain a competitive advantage in your field, all under the mentorship of your guides.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Connect with other high-caliber professionals, learning from the best and forming valuable relationships, facilitated by Laurie and Beth’s extensive network.
  • Valuable Resources: Leave with a detailed workbook, hand-picked resources, and a hand-signed certificate by your guides marking your achievement.
  • Exclusive New York City Experiences: Enjoy curated social events at select venues, offering a taste of the city’s vibrant life, personally selected.
  • Boardroom Exclusive: Claim your seat at the boardroom table for two days of focused discussions and strategy sessions, led by Laurie Savino and Beth Granger.
  • Continued Growth: Benefit from materials designed to extend your learning journey, ensuring the application of key concepts beyond the event
  • All-Inclusive Care: All meals and refreshments are provided, allowing you to concentrate fully on the transformative experience.
    Professional Endorsement: Receive a personalized video testimonial from Laurie an Beth affirming your status as a leading professional in your domain.
  • Recognition of Mastery: A beautifully framed certificate serves as a testament to your dedication and skill enhancement.

Led personally by Laurie Savino and Beth Granger, a celebrated Phil Jones-certified guide, this program is a significant milestone on your path to communication excellence. Laurie and Beth’s track record of guiding professionals to achieve remarkable success with the power of words is unmatched. Secure your spot among the elite 16 participants and transform your ability to influence through the power of words, under the mentorship of one of the best in the field.


Beth Granger

Laurie Savino


March 28-29 2024



New York City