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Make More of Your Conversations Count in 2024

A Sales and Communication Workshop Hosted by Exactly What to Say® Certified Guide Mindy Jones & Business Coach & Strategist Colleen Biggs

Based on the work by best-selling author Phil M. Jones, this session will focus on exploring the four cornerstones of critical conversations and applying the principles of curiosity, empathy, and courage to your sales interactions to speed up decision-making and decrease friction. We’ll look at some of your most frequent critical conversations, and objections, and build habits around the conversations you are having later today to ensure you are showing up more prepared and more confident in your home and business conversations. This interactive workshop featuring actionable takeaways is designed for individual contributors, team leaders, entrepreneurs and community builders alike. For more information or to register, visit


Mindy Jones

Mindy Jones


May 17, 2024



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