Change your words. Change your world.

Purpose Driven Business Workshop

MINDSET RESET- The power of Purpose, Priorities, Prospecting, Lead Conversion, and knowing ‘Exactly What to Say’ when it matters most.

This is an empowering event , with you at the center of its design! If you are ready to achieve extraordinary results personally and professionally…DON’T MISS OUT.

Purpose and Priority Driven Business MIND SET RESET- Clarity gives us direction-are you clear on your priorities? This is the best time to do a mind-set reset and align your thinking to match your goals. When we are clear on our purpose, we can build priorities and achieve the productivity we define as success. You will walk away with foundational thinking to establish a simple and effective one page business plan.

Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Prospecting- Some people still think of Linkedin as a place to go only if you are looking for a job or work in business-to-business. But it is so much more than that. You may not realize the power it holds to extend your networking, find and engage prospects, and build your professional brand. If someone does a Google search for your name your Linkedin profile is likely to be in the first three results. This session makes you think in a different way, to begin using the prime real estate that LinkedIn provides to grow your brand.

Exactly What to Say- “The worst time to think about the thing you are going to say is in the moment you are saying it.” – Phil M Jones. The four cornerstones of conversational excellence, rejection free openings, and perspective changers are essential in this skill focused market. Based on the principals of the best selling book by Phil M Jones, these certified guides will empower your conversations to change your outcomes one word a time. “Change your words, change your world.”

Facilitated by:

Tricia Brouwers- SVP Area Manager for Wintrust Mortgage NMLS 435769 “Helping other people everywhere” is a motto that Tricia says she lives her life by. Brouwers leads a billion dollar team at Wintrust, is an international speaker, and certified Ambassador for the best-selling book, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. In the last 5 years she has delivered messages from this book to over 10,000 professionals in large and small scale events. Most recently she has become a Certified Guide for Exactly What to Say.

Beth Granger- Beth is a trainer, consultant, and speaker who works with organizations and individuals who grow their businesses through referrals and want to unleash the power of LinkedIn and networking. Beth is an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide and will be helping her clients with magic words for influence and impact for critical conversations on LinkedIn, when networking, and in life.

Teri Quimby, J.D., LL.M.-Teri is the President of Quimby Consulting Group, LLC and uses her legal background and experience to help organizations create and maintain high-trust culture by increasing clarity and curiosity while decreasing conflict. She enjoys helping people choose words intentionally and effectively to have better conversations in life and in leadership. Her mediator’s approach for engaging others drives actionable, positive results. Teri expands her reach as a Certified Guide for Exactly What to Say.


Beth Granger

Teri Quimby

Tricia Brouwers

How To Leverage Your Core Values While Impacting Others To Discover Purpose & Possibilities


19th October 2022

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT


Rosemont, IL