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Speaking Truth to Power: How to Talk to Millionaires (and Your Other Donors) – Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Have you walked into a major donor meeting knowing exactly what you were going to say… only to get tied up in knots and wishy-washy once the meeting starts?
You are not alone.
So many board members, executive directors, and even major gift fundraisers find it easy to talk about their nonprofit — until they talk to a donor. Especially a donor whose values may not line up with the organization’s.

In this session, fundraising and leadership expert Marc A. Pitman will show you how to turn the tables on your self-doubt and speak truth to people in powerful positions (without compromising an iota of integrity).

You’ll learn how to thwart imposter-syndrome and rest in a quiet confidence.  You’ll also learn the deceptive power of leading with curiosity and why donors distrust nonprofits that only share good news.

When you walk out of this session, you’ll have the skills you need to feel more confident having customized ‘asking conversations’ with donors that are rooted in your nonprofit’s mission.


Marc Pitman


3rd November 2023

11 am - 12 pm Pacific


Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego