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Weekly Webinar: How to Prepare For Your Next Event to Make Every Conversation Count

Want to improve your confidence, fast-track your results, and improve the quality of the Critical Conversations in your life? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

Our next webinar is hosted by Certified Guide Carolyn Strauss and will teach you exactly how to make the most of your conversations.

It’s called…

How To Prepare For Your Next Event To Make Every Conversation Count

In this exclusive webinar, you’ll discover;

  • Framing Your Event: What questions to ask the stakeholders, the conversations to have on the “why” of the event.
  • The Reporter Criteria: Using the simple yet effective structure used by reporters for decades, learn to use the Why, What, When, Where, and Who to create a map for your event.
  • Planning the Event: What resources do you need to achieve the outcomes you set during your framing conversations?
  • Understanding the Investment: What is the investment of time, energy, and resources of all involved and what conversations do you need to have to make it worth it?
  • The invitation to attend: What words should you use to generate interest and excitement and even to create FOMO so your event attracts the right people?
  • At the Event: What is the tone of the conversations, the music, and the intended energetics you will create to make the memories you plan to evoke?
  • The Afterparty: How will you follow up? What now? What words will you use to express your gratitude or to continue conversations that you set out during the “why” conversations all that long ago?
  • A Checklist for Before, During, and After your Event: Carolyn will provide you with a basic event checklist, so you don’t miss anything important.

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Carolyn Strauss


24th November 2023

2pm EST