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Weekly Webinar: How To Talk To Yourself To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Is self-doubt stopping you from grabbing opportunities? Could it be possible that your best is yet to come, and the only thing holding you back is you? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

This online training is important for anyone who finds they are sometimes their own worst enemy.

Hosted by brain tumor survivor and Certified Guide, Jodi Orgill Brown, this session will show you how to improve your self-confidence to grab more opportunities.

It’s called…

“How To Talk To Yourself To Overcome Limiting Beliefs”

In this exclusive webinar you will;

  • Learn principles to upgrade your grit
  • Discover strategies to respond and adapt to negative circumstances
  • Outwork your weaknesses to increase your strength
  • Throw your negative beliefs overboard
  • Tinker and experiment to improve
  • Make every interaction count

If you want to talk yourself into more success, then you should join us!

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Jodi Orgill Brown


4th August 2023

2pm EST