Utah, USA 

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"Jodi did a magnificent job. The information on Exactly What To Say was very valuable. I will be incorporating these statements and questions into my daily practice time to hopefully create the automatic rhythm of using them.“
Kristi Durant
Realtor, Utah, USA
"That was awesome, Jodi! I already ordered the book and can't wait to learn more. The Exactly What To Say content was so helpful for personal and professional development."
Luanne Kingston
Financial Services Consultant, Florida, USA
"I feel like I've read dozens of books with similar messages, and here is a bulk of the content in just a few slides and a short presentation! Wow! So helpful. All of our staff should read this book and see this presentation!"
Sonya Khosla

Jodi Orgill Brown

Certified Guide

Jodi is a professional speaker, award-winning author, coach, and certified non-profit consultant. As a brain tumor survivor, with 15 related surgeries, she is often invited to weave her own personal story into the tapestry of her teachings and help them find inspiration from the real-world application.   

As a speaker she is most known for the following topics: 

  1. Becoming anti-fragile, which is increasing your capability to thrive amidst stressors and volatility.
  2. Importance of building a community, and making every interaction count.
  3. Uplift and care for medical caregivers (reminding them of the impact they make and why they do what they do.)

Her work travels broad and deep with a passion for helping aspiring leaders to reach their next role, supporting businesses in the non-profit sector and helping those in the medical and healthcare industries in which Jodi’s unique personal journey truly resonates. 

In all of these scenarios the one thing that has the biggest impact on outcomes is knowing Exactly What to Say during the countless critical conversations that show up daily. 

She first met Phil back in 2017 when he presented to her local National Speakers Association chapter and was immediately impressed with him and the impactful nature of his work.  She read all of his books, and listened to the Audible program “How To Persuade and Get Paid” multiple times and was amazed when Phil’s work gave more practical tools to improve conversations and relationships than her master’s degree in Organization of Communication! 

Taking this combined experience forward she loves to speak and train groups to feel and see the impact of the messages in application. 

A surprising fact about Jodi is that although she is super social, and comfortable in front of a crowd, she also needs lots of alone time too, preferably in nature. She LOVES playing in the dirt, water and mountains so when not working you can assume that Jodi is out kayaking, hiking, swimming, gardening, and making the most of our beautiful planet.