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Exactly How To Talk To Strangers

It’s tough to talk to people you don’t know.

We’ve all been raised with the mindset that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, but now that you’re an adult, things are different.

Finding a way of getting your ‘thing’ in front of people is tough enough without the fear of talking to a stranger. There are so many people out there that could benefit from what you do. They could find it interesting, could learn from it, they could even want to buy what you’re selling.

But unless you approach enough people, you’ll never get the success that you deserve.

It’s OK To Talk To Strangers

Let’s forget what Mom said (just this once), it’s really ok to talk to strangers, you just need to know how.

Nearly every conversation you’d like to make count is probably already set up in a situation for you to make it count.

Do you know what the most common question is that’s asked during a conversation with a stranger? You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before…

What Do You Do, Then?

How many times have you been asked what you do and you’ve not known what to say or had an answer ready?

This is because you might not understand where that person is coming from, or why they’re asking you the question.

So why are they asking you this question? 

It might be as simple as they had nothing better to say. This question is used in 98% of conversations, so that could imply that it’s a throwaway question designed to be a conversation starter.

Typically though, it’s also a form of judgment.

When you are asked this question, your companion is looking at you thinking: who are you to them? What could you do for them? What might they have for you? Are they better or worse than you?

It helps people establish a connection or hierarchy that can guide the rest of the conversation.

It’s how you answer this question that’s important. It will say more about you than what you actually do for a living.

A Fact Will Tell, A Story Will Sell

Next time someone asks you what you do, please don’t tell them.

No one asks this to find out about your company or your job description. They certainly don’t want an elongated sales pitch about your products and services. They want intrigue and interest. 

Your aim should be to get people talking about you – even when you’re not there. This will ensure more opportunities come your way. So get this answer right.

Tell a story that illustrates the type of thing that you do and the type of results that you get. 

Watch how that story lives on in their mind.

Magic Moments

The more you become ‘that person who…’ the more you build a positive reputation.

You’ll get more chances and opportunities to talk about that special thing that you do, with people who are interested.

Make A Plan

Plan your answers to the questions that you know you’re going to get asked.

Just this week alone, you could find yourself in scenarios where this skill could serve you.

Be brave. Put yourself into situations where people will ask you this question and be ready to answer.

Plan a dozen different story-based answers. Things that are true in your life, like examples of how you’ve helped people to get results, or how you solved a problem.

These are the stories that sell your services. You’ll soon find that people will ask for more.

When you do this, you become remarkable in their eyes and you’ll quickly forget that they’re a stranger.

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