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Exactly What Are Magic Words?

What are magic words? They are powerful words that talk directly to your subconscious brain and can be extremely impactful when it comes to decision-making.

Your subconscious brain is a bit like a computer: it has a ‘yes’ output and a ‘no’ output. It doesn’t have a ‘maybe’, and it doesn’t procrastinate. It works entirely on reflex and impulse.

Talking successfully to that part of someone’s brain means that you can increase the rate of decision-making. 

And if you can increase the rate of decision, then this will ultimately lead to an increase in action and transaction.

Find The Little Voice

Everyone has a little voice in their head. You might be reading this and thinking you don’t, but that’s your little voice talking to you.

Talking to that part of someone’s brain gives you an advantage in the conversation and could result in getting your ideas considered more often.

What Can Magic Words Do For You

Magic words aren’t a tool that will hypnotize people into doing whatever you want them to.

The magic words are our way of simplifying the complex.

Used for good, they make communication easier and more direct. They are a sure-fire way to get to the crux of negotiation and save time with unnecessary back and forth.

The magic word formula is simply using existing pathways that are ingrained in human beings.


There are many examples of magic words, but here are 3 simple examples of how magic words can be used and applied:

1. Open-minded

If you ask someone if they’re open-minded it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to say no. The alternative is that they’re close-minded, and no one wants to be that.

Putting these words into practice, you can use them to frame a question where the alternative option makes it difficult for your idea to be dismissed.

‘Would you be open-minded about giving this a chance?’

Saying no to giving your idea a chance is admitting to being closed-minded, and it’s highly unlikely someone would do that.

2. Most people

‘Most people try this and find they get great results.’

A lot of people take confidence from the fact that other people have chosen something before them.

With this in mind, if you highlight that most people have picked a particular option, then you can use it to gain confidence and overcome indecision. For example,

‘Most people in your situation would grab this opportunity with both hands.’

Hearing these words most people think ‘hey, I’m most people, so maybe I should try it too.’

3. If... Then

You’ve probably used these words without even releasing that they’re magic.

‘If you give this a try, then I promise you won’t be disappointed.’

The ‘if…then’ sandwich is so effective because it presents a guaranteed outcome. 


Talking to someone’s subconscious will increase your ability to communicate successfully and generate positive results. These are deep-rooted principles, demonstrated here with small examples that you can use to get instant results.

By using magic words, you’re granted a fair advantage during critical conversations. These sequences of words can be utilized in a variety of different life scenarios to overcome fears and doubts.

Remember, the subconscious brain loves the complex being simplified and will respond accordingly – so once you understand that, you can harness its power and transform your conversations.

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