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Ontario, Canada
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"At times it can feel overwhelming to help our children become physically, mentally and spiritually heathy people, all the while working on creating the same balance within ourselves. Thank you Dr. Jen Forristal for helping me gain insight into where our strengths and weaknesses lie. Thank you for allowing space for compassion, so that we can learn and grow from our 'holes in our own umbrella'. I have seen great growth in my son, and now look at 'challenges' as opportunities for learning and growing big, strong, healthy emotional umbrellas!"
- Jessica
"Thank you for this incredible resource and the work that went into creating it. I recognize that it takes decades of experience and intentional, efficient education to come to a place where you have this to share. Art like this does not usually come easily or without pain to endure."
- Steena

Dr. Jen Forristal

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Dr. Jen Forristal is a naturopathic doctor with a primary focus on pediatric mental health. She works extensively with schools, researchers, and organizations to develop mental wellness strategies for families facing social, emotional, and mental health challenges.

She loves that her work enables her to support the next generation of children to grow into strong, adaptable, connected people through parenting programs, books, school curricula, and workshops.

You can find Dr. Jen’s work as written articles and books as well as interesting videos online. As an enthusiastic keynote speaker, her talks are always sought after and inundated with Q&A’s afterward.

As well as sharing her expertise with the general public, Dr. Jen also trains medical professionals, educators, and parents to proactively assess and develop the skills needed to cope with life’s inevitable challenges. Being able to provide excellent resources for families struggling to connect is very rewarding.

It doesn’t matter who they are, or how old they might be, Dr. Jen can help you to re-balance.

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Dr. Jen Forristal