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Michigan, USA
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Jessica Woodbeck

Certified Guide

Jessica comes to EWTS through the multifaceted world of Real Estate. She owns a brokerage and multiple ancillary businesses, which integrate with the process of buying and selling, creating a well-oiled machine from start of process through to Title, Insurance, and Mortgage. As a truly innovative thinker, Jess also knows the importance of wellness in the world of business, and brings holistic programs to her company, community and beyond.

Jess was first introduced to Phil and EWTS through mutual friends in the Real Estate industry and immediately knew that the concepts were applicable in all areas of her business and life. By mastering her own communication and seeing the benefits of being able to influence many critical conversations in her favor, it is now time to share these concepts with others and watch their world shine as well.

Though Jess is so very accomplished in her professional endeavors (and intends to keep growing through exploring the opportunities her certification will present) she brings an inexplicable warmth to it all. She loves soul nourishment, like pizza, warm cookies, laughing to the point of tears. This magical combination of business and soul is a powerful environment for all to flourish, both in the world of Real Estate and beyond.

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