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Simple Swaps: Does This Drive You Crazy?

This Simple Swap is all about taking a word and replacing it with another so that you can change the result of the conversation.

In this video, Jessica Woodbeck discusses the word ‘crazy’ and how the use of it can often paint the wrong picture.

The word ‘crazy’ can be used to describe a plethora of situations – work can be crazy, the market is crazy, or life can get crazy. But what picture does the word ‘crazy’ paint? 

You often think of a crazy situation as unmanageable or chaotic, and no one chooses to walk towards crazy.

But what if you swapped out the word crazy for the word rapid? What difference would that make?

Instead of saying ‘The marketplace is crazy,’ try saying ‘It’s a rapid marketplace’ 

By using the word rapid, it completely changes the connotation of the sentence. Try using it during your next Critical Conversation and see if it can help steer your conversation toward a more desirable result.

Jessica Woodbeck

Jessica Woodbeck

Jessica helps people to Thrive. A committed leadership practitioner and Real Estate expert with a track record of being the catalyst for accelerated growth in people, purpose and profits.

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