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Las Vegas, USA
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Joe Herrera

Certified Guide

Joe Herrera is an associate broker at Real Broker and is the co-founder of the Joe Taylor Group – a national real estate team that helps other real estate professionals.

Joe’s got a real passion for coaching whether on stage, virtually, or in groups, and loves to share his experiences and what he’s learned over the years.

Having grown up with a family history of addiction he knows just how important it is to be dedicated and focused on hard work. By utilizing these life skills he has managed to overcome many hurdles and has become a very successful business owner.

He hopes that by sharing his achievements against adversity he can encourage others to believe that they too can do the same, no matter what their personal history might be.

Joe’s a firm believer that it’s his responsibility to negotiate the best outcome for every single client. He’s not merely a salesperson, but a professional dedicated to guiding his clients through the major life event of buying or selling a home.

His ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of it’ mantra means that his clients can always count on him, no matter what.

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