Change your words. Change your world.

Georgia, USA
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Kricket Harrison

Certified Guide

EWTS Certified Guide Kricket Harrison works with leaders and managers of teams where change is constant. She helps leaders work alongside their teams to keep them motivated and performing at high levels.

When people work with Kricket, they learn more about exactly what to say. They have better conversations that can lead toward the opportunities and results that they desire.

Kricket was drawn to the EWTS methodology because, from a young age, she has always understood the value of saying the right thing and using intentional language.

Being a Certified Guide provides her with the means to coach her clients in a concise way to enhance their Critical Conversations.

No matter if it’s professionally or personally, there’s always a place to move forward and have a better conversation that can change outcomes for both themselves and those around them.

Kricket is available as a speaker and a coach. She can provide 90-minute talks, team coaching sessions, and 2-day Certifications.

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