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Utah, USA
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"Thank you so much for attending our expo last week. As I walked the floor and asked participants about what they thought, I received nothing but glowing reviews of your presentation. I really appreciate that you stayed and interacted with those that attended the expo. Personally, I had many take aways from what you said in your presentation, especially on being the first one on the dance floor and the fact that sometimes you have to be out there before others catch on. I really enjoyed your thoughts on collaboration and not competition this is a message that hot the bail on the head with what we work on every day here at our chamber of commerce. You really raised the bar at our expo."
- Tim Roper, Director of Member Development, Davis County Chamber
"Have you ever been to a presentation where you were entertained but didn't leave with any worthwhile information or tools? Have you ever attended a presentation that was chock full of good information but was delivered in a manner that had you looking at your watch more than at the presenter? Neither will be the case when Rob Ferre is your presenter. He has a special ability to educate and entertain at the same time. I recommend him highly as a keynote presenter who will deliver for you above and beyond your expectations!"
- Ron Price, President,
"There were so many things to admire in your work with us. Your creativity shines through; your technical expertise is right up front and center. And the personalization of your presentation was a delight."
- Janelle Barlow, Founder, Complaint is a Gift

Rob Ferre

Certified Guide

Rob Ferre is a professional DJ, master of ceremonies, and all-round entertainer, weaving the electricity of recognition and training into the rhythm of laughter and movement.

He loves nothing more than to share his knowledge and expertise on a large stage as a motivational keynote speaker. But he also enjoys working closely alongside businesses to share his unique messages on leadership, engagement, and how to get the very best from your team.

He believes that the focus should be on gamification – this is super exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun. The employee is king or queen and should be celebrated as such.

Engaging with audiences everywhere is what Rob does best and if he can’t do it in the flesh he makes sure you can still plan your next unforgettable event by watching the popular videos that he produces from his home studio.

Rob’s mission is to help organizations create unforgettable meetings where employees are the center of the business. He brings the fun to what can be quite a stale and boring environment. His energy is infectious, and he’ll even break out his nose flute at your event if you want to see him in action!

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