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Simple Swaps: A Round Of Applause?

Have you ever introduced someone on stage? Do you get stuck thinking of new ways to do it?

Are there different ways that you could do it?

Most people fall back on a good old solid introduction because it feels safe. The most common applause lines include:

  • Give it up for…
  • Let’s hear it for…
  • Put those hands together…

But could you do better?

How can you take a common applause line and swap them out for something unique to you?

Rob has a Simple Swap that will not only give you the edge but it could just encourage your audience to get where you want them to be.

Rob Ferre

Rob Ferre

Rob Ferre specializes in helping businesses in the events and entertainment sector. He works closely with organizations to create a movement through positive influence. Rob’s mission is to create unforgettable meetings, working with planners who want to go from boring to soaring!

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