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"Stephanie motivated my high school students… TEENAGERS!! Who knew that was even possible?! Not only did she motivate them, she gave them applicable life-skills to create confidence, and taught them how to lead with curiosity and empathy. I cannot recommend her enough."
- Guidance Counselor, State of Georgia School District
"A game-changing journey through meticulously crafted workshops that resonated with every member of our Team. The strategies and systems introduced have revolutionized our approach to lead generation & customer relations, embedding efficiency into our daily operations."
- Ray C, CEO
"Stephanie Arnett’s insights on integrating technology into client service were revolutionary for our team. Her strategies have not only enhanced our customer care, but also significantly boosted our productivity and profitability."
- Christina N, Founder

Stephanie Arnett

Certified Guide

Stephanie Arnett owns multi-million dollar businesses and regularly writes for Forbes, Boss Babe, and Newsweek.

As an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide, she strives to help others learn the importance of leading with curiosity.

Having learned as a child how important words could be when trying to change the behavior of others, she knows that with the right attitude, you can have a bigger impact as an adult with more intentionality.

When Stephanie first went to see Phil M. Jones, he spoke about the importance of intentional conversations, she left that day and started implementing it in her personal life and was amazed at the results.

From using the Exactly What to Say Magic Words in her day-to-day professional conversations, she found that her business’s conversion rates increased by 42% over the first 90 days.

Seeing the impact firsthand, she was curious to discover what else this methodology could help her with and who else it could help.

If you, too, are looking to elevate your conversations, she can help you through weekly webinars, in-person workshops, certifications, and professional consultations.

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