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Simple Swaps: How To Overcome Your Fear In Less Than 60 Seconds

Are you afraid of speaking or presenting on stage? Has this fear prevented you from grabbing an opportunity, making a sale, or challenging yourself fully?

When you tell yourself that you’re afraid of something, that something can manifest itself into an all-consuming phobia that becomes life-limiting.

How often does the language you use to describe situations affect the outcome? 

Would it help if you swapped out the word fear for something else? Could that change how you perceived speaking on stage?

Watch Tanis Roeder’s video of her Simple Swap which could help you to change your perspective about public speaking in less than 60 seconds.

Tanis Roeder

Tanis Roeder

Presentation skills sit at the heart of just about every moment of influence. Tanis helps unlock the abilities of leaders to have more impact in their presentations to others on every stage that life presents.

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