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The Real Secret To Success

Just imagine for a moment that you’re 14 years old and you’re desperate to buy the latest pair of sneakers. You love them so much, but they’re $40 and that’s $40 more than you have. 

You’ll probably do what most 14-year-olds do and ask the bank of mom and dad to buy you the shoes.

Some parents would say yes no problem, others would say it’s a flat-out no. However, your parents are a little different and they can see you really want the sneakers, so they decide on a different approach.

Your dad allows you to work with him to help at a house he’s fixing up. The work will be hard and the day will be long, but it’s a shot to earn your own money and spend it on whatever you like.

Take Your Shot

Your dad has given you a great opportunity – the chance to not only earn your own money so you can buy something that you love, but he’s also teaching you what things actually cost. 

The true value of $40 is only realized once you’ve worked and earned that money for yourself.

How many people have told you that you don’t get anything for doing nothing? It’s true, and this 14-year-old is learning that early on.

So, you’ve agreed to the work and ask what the pay will be – your dad tells you: ‘I’ll pay you what you’re worth.

Get Your Head Down

The job you’ve been given is to clear building rubble into a dumpster. There’s way too much for the bin but you’re going to get $20 to fill the bin. Result! You’re halfway to your goal.

You get your head down and fill it so quickly that your dad gets another dumpster to fill up.

This means that by the time you’ve filled that one you’ll have earned the $40 needed for the sneakers.

What Else Can You Do?

In some situations, another 14-year-old might earn their money and put their feet up.

But you’ve got a taste for the work and want to keep busy. You ask your dad what else needs to be done, but he’s got no other jobs. So you decide to go ask the homeowner if there’s anything that they need help with.

You’re in luck, the owners need the basement cleared and sorted out, so you get to work and do a fantastic job.

The Secret To Success

At the end of the day, your dad gives you $40 for filling up two dumpsters, and the homeowner hands over an envelope containing a further $40.

What’s the lesson learned here? You don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid by the value that you bring to the hour.

By being industrious and having the right attitude toward work, you can now get your dream sneakers. You’ve made your dad proud plus you’ve got a little money left over to do whatever you want with.

Expanding Your Horizons

The Real Secret To Success (3)-min

What I haven’t explained is that this isn’t a fictitious story about a hypothetical 14-year-old. This is the true story of the creator of Exactly What To Say, Phil M Jones.

He learned a lot of valuable lessons that day and used this knowledge to expand and grow.

What’s more, he didn’t spend that well-earned extra money on any old stuff. He actually went out and bought a bucket and a sponge and founded his very first business at just 14 years old, and began cleaning all the cars in his neighborhood.

The car wash business went on to provide jobs for friends and cousins and was the start of a remarkable career and a successful future.

So what’s the real secret to success? 

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