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Creating MVP Opportunities

Sometimes being in the right place, at the right time, serendipitously brings opportunities our way.

Such was the case for me recently as I had the opportunity to meet none other than my childhood idol, and overall wonderful human being, Dale Murphy (NL MVP 82, 83).  His Dale Murphy MVP Experience , for both fans and business leaders, offers access to not only an inside track on the game of baseball over the last four decades, but also the chance to network with other business leaders who share the same passion and nostalgia for the Atlanta Braves teams of the 80s and 90s, or perhaps just that golden age of  baseball in general.  Dale may be the star of the show, but it is his lovely wife Nancy who is the motor that keeps things moving for sure.

I attended this event as a fan of Murph’s, and a fan of the game as well.  Just sitting there listening to his insight while watching the game together was an experience in and of itself, however, the point of this article is creating opportunities, not sharing those we just had.  I was sitting there with my brother when it dawned on me that perhaps I, Nicholas Pitt, had something of value to Dale and Nancy Murphy.  As an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide, I drew upon my super powers (yes, that’s said with more than a tinge of self-deprecation) and asked Nancy if she’d be “open-minded to having a conversation” about how the words we use affect the outcomes we hope to achieve in the various critical conversations we have every day. As is the case when most people are asked if they’d be open minded to a reasonable request, she said of course. 

Just like that, I created an opportunity to possibly return the favor to one of my childhood idols by providing some valuable content an upcoming MVP experience.  If that sounds rehearsed, then you are spot on.  It was.  I’ve presented on the importance of knowing Exactly What to Say several times, and by falling back on the fact that I’ve rehearsed and practiced certain words and phrases, I was able to capitalize on what I will consider a chance of a lifetime, should it come to fruition.

So, the moral of the story is paying attention and creating opportunities through focusing on the critical conversation we have can open very valuable doors.  Some may even call them Most Valuable Doors.

Nicholas Pitt

Nicholas Pitt

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