Georgia, USA

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Nicholas Pitt

Certified Guide

Nick is a third generation Hearing Specialist, serving the Southeast US through his family’s hearing and audiology practice. This field requires the utmost in professionalism for both patients and for staff; the overall goal of course is to raise all involved to becoming their best selves. Whether by appropriately improving hearing through use of a device, or empowering hearing professionals to feel more confident in their interactions and diagnostic recommendation with patients, Nick leans on his background in education and experiential learning to create an atmosphere that welcomes collective conversation – and decision-making. 

Having first come across Phil’s work at Optimal Hearing’s annual business meeting, Nick was a ‘novice sales manager’ but was immediately impacted by the concepts and direct actionability of the content in Exactly What to Say. Nick’s biggest change in thinking and behavior is his newfound ability to know WHAT people will say before they say it and being prepared with his plan of action ahead of time. Nick intends to share the core tenets of EWTS and help guide people towards having more of these critical conversations.

As an experienced educator, he knows he is rarely the smartest person in any room, so drawing on the collective expertise of delegates allows him to skilfully create a practical learning experience whilst facilitating meaningful conversations.  From individual/small groups, to larger conferences, he creates an atmosphere that welcomes collective conversation-making and, in turn, creates lasting change.

Outside of his business and personal growth ventures, Nick describes himself as introverted, seeking out quiet moments of reflection and solitude. He reflects on his world frequently and is even working on a novel of his own!