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Pennsylvania, USA
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Andrea Daniels

Certified Guide

Andrea is a seasoned entrepreneur and the Owner & CEO of Rookie to Rainmaker, a company that specializes in accelerated lead generation and conversion. With over 20 years of experience in lead generation and critical conversation improvement, Andrea has become an expert in the field. Over the past decade, she has specifically focused on the real estate industry and has helped numerous clients to attract new customers and improve their sales conversions.

More recently, Andrea has expanded the reach of her company beyond real estate, working with clients and organizations in various industries to attract new customers, get more from their existing customers, and leverage the data in their customer databases. She firmly believes that there are over 100 ways to generate leads and that the phone is just one of many tools at our disposal.

Andrea is incredibly passionate about lead generation and is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to generate leads for her clients. Her expertise in the field has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant, and she is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their sales goals.

She works via Workbook, video, Zoom and in person and her coaching style often draws on the conversational masterpiece Exactly What To Say.

As soon as discovered Phil’s book, Andrea set about implementing all the EWTS techniques into her own coaching to huge success. She connected so deeply with the content that she eventually reached out to EWTS founder, Phil, who suggested a collaboration.

The rest is history!

Becoming an experienced EWTS Certified Guide has enabled her to reach hundreds of businesses in need via a variety of different platforms.

Andrea is super excited to be a part of the incredible community of EWTS Guides and get an even better understanding of the content and have Phil as a mentor.


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