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Pennsylvania, USA
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Steven Lozada

Certified Guide

Steven is an Executive Coach, leadership trainer and consultant. He helps professionals develop conversational competencies and facilitates learning for behavioral change, the impact of which helps his clients to have a more influential and positive impact in the world. Through his work with individuals, teams and organizations, Steven endeavors to create a safe space to catalyze behavioral change and experiment with possibilities that can expand their capacity for effective and desirable action.

Steven first came into contact with EWTS through his work in copywriting and marketing. His favorite set of Magic Words is ‘What Makes You Say That?’ though he uses them all in turn in his daily interactions.

By becoming a Certified Guide, Steven is confident that he can equip his clients with a deeper capability for having more influential conversations. He quotes, “in the work that I do coaching and training leaders, I often find that people obtain great benefit by learning conceptual frameworks and models to have a taxonomy for how to approach certain situations… [like] conversational prompts they can use tactically to easily navigate those frameworks and models”.

Steven has an identical twin brother and they look very alike – though their soul’s passions couldn’t be more different. His brother Josh is a professional musician who  (to quote Steven’s own children) “plays the bass and wears cool clothes” whereas Steven “wears bowties and reads books”. Through Steven’s passions, he creates music within his client’s conversations!

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