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Simple Swaps: Tame Your Advice-Giving Monster

Have you ever given too much value too quickly? Are you guilty of uttering the phrase ‘I think that you should..?’

Everyone wants to feel valuable, but you should be striving for being useful too.

Offering unsolicited advice might make you feel valuable, but does this make you useful to the other person?

As a leader, it can be hard to avoid fixing problems or trying to rescue people. 

It’s not about you, it’s about them, and Steven Lozada has a really useful Simple Swap that will tame your advice-giving monster.  

Watch this video to learn exactly what to say instead… 

Steven Lozada

Steven Lozada

A master of helping teams achieve more in all areas of their productivity. Steven believes that you are just one conversation away from the change you are looking for and is excited to help you make the moment happen.

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