Change your words. Change your world.

Michigan, USA
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Teri Quimby

Certified Guide

Teri works very precisely with businesses and boards to document organizational stories and to protect business interests through greater transparency and improved communication. This work is best facilitated through lessons on the importance of choosing the right words at the right time, whether spoken or written. Teri shares her expertise by first “listening” to others, and then selecting relevant, real experiences and stories to share in order to get people to think “outside the box” while maintaining true meaning in practical application.

Teri first came to the EWTS world in March 2020 when she ordered the book after reading an article by Phil in the NSA Speaker Magazine.   Reading EWTS as soon as it arrived, she immediately understood that changing a few words can make a big difference in the results.

When she is not working with business professionals, Teri is a SCUBA aficionado – listening to the underwater world with her eyes. Her most memorable dive was off the coast of Hawaii, close to midnight, surrounded by the bioluminescence of mysterious and ancient sea creatures.

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