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Simple Swaps: How Busy Are You?

When someone asks you how you are, how many times have you answered with ‘I’m so busy?’

To be busy paints a certain type of picture. Busyness can manifest as overwhelming and all-consuming. This response can feel negative, stressful, and vague.

Could it be possible that swapping the word busy for something else actually helps alleviate some of the overwhelming busyness?

Can it help you to paint a different picture and get you in a more focused head space?

Terry Quimby has the perfect Simple Swap that is more positive and could give your critical conversations more energy.

Teri Quimby

Teri Quimby

Getting others to see things from a new perspective, helping people get on the same side and simplifying complexity are just some of Teri’s superpowers. A professional’s professional with experience working in some of the world’s most demanding sectors.

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