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Simple Swaps: Feedback vs Debrief

‘I need to speak with you.’

Did your heart just stop dead in its tracks? You’re not alone. So how do you think the word ‘feedback’ would make you feel as a follow-up? It sounds negatively loaded, like you’re about to be criticized.

If you need to talk to someone about this, try swapping ‘feedback’ for ‘debrief’. This creates a more constructive and less panic-inducing conversation for everyone involved!

Check out Teri Quimby’s full video on why this is an effective swap.

Teri Quimby

Teri Quimby

Getting others to see things from a new perspective, helping people get on the same side and simplifying complexity are just some of Teri’s superpowers. A professional’s professional with experience working in some of the world’s most demanding sectors.

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