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Exactly How To Get People To Say Yes

This blog is going to teach you the magic formula to get more yeses. 

But before we go any further you need to understand that with great power comes great responsibility and you must promise not to use these three effective techniques for malicious gain.

Nobody Likes Change

When trying to get someone to say yes, you’re actually asking them to change.

But most people don’t like change, so getting someone to do this is always going to be difficult.

If you ask the question: ‘do you want to be more successful than you’ve ever been?’ Their answer is most likely going to be yes, right?

And if they know the things to do to become more successful, then why aren’t they doing them?

The reason is simple – people are comfortable and getting them to change is really tough.

3 Stage Questioning Technique

The good news is that by using this technique, you can get just about anybody to do just about anything.

All that is needed is motivation.

Motivation is merely a reason to move, and if the reason is big enough, you can encourage a change.


Ask A Plan Based Question

If you ask a plan-based question about someone’s future, like where they want to be in a year’s time, they’ll start to open up and tell a story. They will go to a place where they see themselves in the future. 

As they explain that place, ask a few more questions, stay curious and get them to explain it so clearly that you can see it too.

The chances are that this is a very happy place. And when they’re focused on that happy place, they’re more likely to be open to change.


Evoke Feeling

You need to evoke feeling. When you ask about how they feel when they’re in their happy place, you’ll most probably see it written all over their face.

Imagine how they are feeling at this point.

You’ve put them in a really good place thinking about their happy point. You’ve asked them how they’re going to feel when they get there, so right now they are on cloud 9 in terms of happiness.


Remove The Comfort

This final stage is where you really start to move people. 

Simply ask the question ‘what are the consequences of it not working out?

Asking that question at this time forces them to stare the monster in the face.

What they see in their mind’s eye at that moment in time, is something that you couldn’t have presented or explained without appearing rude and obnoxious.

They needed to discover the reality of missing out on their dream for themselves. 

It’s a powerful thing to see something that they definitely what to get away from, immediately after seeing the thing that they crave the most.

And this is what encourages movement.

Always Have A Solution

Even if you do all of this right, it’s not going to guarantee that they’ll buy what you’re selling.

It just means that you’re in a position where they’re prepared to accept a change.

At this point be ready to present them with.

You can’t use these three stages if you don’t have a genuine solution for them. You have to be able to say ‘good news! You’re in the right place!’ 

And then explain what you can do to help.

This technique will help you find the precise reason that somebody would benefit from the product or service you are offering.

Give it a try. Put it into practice and watch it work for you.

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