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Simple Swaps: Helping A Friend In Need

In this video, Jodi Orgill Brown has a Simple Swap that will enable you to help a friend in need.

We all tend to fall back on saying “Call me if you need anything” when you see someone in need of help. But this offer of help doesn’t always get taken up.

If you genuinely want to provide help to your friend then you should try using the following phrase:

Would it be more helpful if I brought over dinner, or got you a meal subscription service?”

If you rely on the person to call and ask for help, they will rarely take you up on it, so by providing clear options you have made it far easier for them to accept help without feeling like they might be inconveniencing you.

You choose whatever options will be most helpful, but by phrasing it in this way, you’ll make a world of difference to your friend.

Jodi Orgill Brown

Jodi Orgill Brown​

Creating communities in the workplace has never been more important. Jodi is the master of helping teams to find the glue that sticks them together and the fuel that empowers them to achieve more through creating an anti-fragile outlook for all.

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