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Simple Swaps: Change

Are you a leader that’s struggling to get your team to embrace change?

It’s a really common problem as the vast majority of people don’t actually like change. Change can cause anxiety and unrest. When faced with the prospect of change, instead of focusing on the possible innovations, all some people can see is the potential upheaval and having to learn new things outside of their comfort zones.

According to Marc Pitman, If you want to set about making changes in your business, then you should avoid leading with ‘the change.’

Don’t make change the focus. Instead, list all of the things that will be staying the same.

By reinforcing the known, you’re calming their fear of the unknown.

If they’re not fearful then they’ll be more open to changes and you can start going about securing your vision for the future. 

Marc Pitman

Marc Pitman

Marc Pitman is a leadership expert and fundraising coach. He can teach you to lead teams more effectively with less stress.

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