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Have you previously attended a 2-day Certification program facilitated by Phil?
Teri Quimby

"Reading EWTS, learning the principles, and using them in critical conversations was something I was already doing.  But becoming an EWTS Certified Guide immersed me into the EWTS world of deeper application of these principles to influence and impact conversations in leadership and life with integrity.  Two days spent with Phil and other EWTS prospective guides was an invaluable exchange of information and resources.  Being a part of the certified guide network—all of us providing service to others in our unique ways—gives us an unparalleled opportunity to work together to further the EWTS mission:  to help others make more conversations count."

Nicholas Pitt

"Working with Phil and the EWTS team has been an experience that has taken my fledgling coaching aspirations to the next level.  Having already booked several engagements throughout the year, it's become clear to me that there is a market for helping clients discover Exactly What to Say."