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Become A Professional Mind Maker-Upper

To be a great salesperson you need to overcome your fear of rejection. And you also need to make sure that rejection happens less and less.

This isn’t the easiest to achieve because the pressure of not getting rejected will likely increase your fear of rejection.

Often the very idea of being a ‘salesperson’ can feel pressurized. This is when reframing your thinking will help.

You’re not a salesperson. You’re a decision catalyst. A professional mind-maker upper.

The Professional Mind Maker-Upper

When someone has an interest in what you’ve got, you’re not really selling to them. You’re actually just helping them decide to take action.

Forget about the hard sell, you’re simply guiding them towards making a decision.

The 5 Tools You Need to Know

These are the 5 simple tools that you should know to become an expert mind maker-upper.

1. The Assumptive Close

This is simple psychology and uses a series of statements followed by a question which means that they have to agree with your statement.

For example:

‘So, we’ve gone through the information and you can see how our offering ticks all the boxes in terms of saving you time and money. So in terms of your order, which address would you like it to be sent to – your home or business address?’

2. Alternative Close

This is all about giving the perception of choice, either scenario is advantageous to you, but it gives options about what is being chosen.

For example:

‘Would you like to go in for the basic or would prefer the premium option with the extra benefits we discussed?’

‘I can do Monday at 11 am or 3 pm on Thursday – which suits you better?’

3. If I Can, Will You…

The person you’re talking to might have told you about a problem that’s stopping them from moving forward. You have the power to isolate this condition and remove the barrier.

‘If I can match that price for you, then would you be happy to place the order with me today?’

It’s all about removing the barrier that’s preventing progress.

4. Summary Close

This turns a big decision into a series of smaller decisions. Ask a series of easy, closed questions, looking to gain a rhythm of ‘yes’ based answers.

The rhythm of yes is designed to lead to the bigger yes.

5. Direct Close

This is great if the person you’re dealing with is dragging out the process and won’t give a committed answer.

Most times you use this you’ll probably be pushing for a no because you need a direct response to move forward. But this direction might actually result in a yes.

It will sound something like: ‘So I’m pretty sure this business isn’t for you, so I’ll leave you be.’

You could add in some detail about what initially attracted them to your organization, just as a reminder of what they’re about to walk from, but ultimately you’ll just need to know yes or no so that you can both move forward.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most difficult part about these 5 tools is choosing which is the most appropriate for the person or situation that you’re in.

This will become clearer the more you use them. Practice really does make perfect here.

Avoid The Dreaded Limbo-Land

Your job as a Professional Mind Maker Upper is to help people towards making a decision.

By adopting these 5 tips you’re simply steering them into moments of making their minds up. 

It could mean making a successful sale or business relationship, or it could result in walking away faster if it’s a no and limiting the time wasted for both parties.

No one wants to hang out in limbo land for too long. It’s an energy-sucking place to be stuck in.

You’re A Decision Catalyst

If you can change your thinking and see your role differently, you’ll quickly reframe the whole process.

You’re not just a salesperson, a leader, or a manager, you’re the decision catalyst helping people make their minds up.

Don’t merely chase the yes, chase the decision. Actively take them through the decision-making process.

If you can use these techniques at the right time, with the right people, and in the right circumstances, your results will improve.

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