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Ontario, Canada

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Dave Inglis

Certified Guide

Dave is a life-altering leadership coach and speaker who teaches leaders and their teams how to use Strategic Solitude to build a great business and, more importantly, a great LIFE, at EXACTLY the same time. 

He first came across Exactly What to Say at a personal development conference called EPIC in Toronto, Ontario. The methodology immediately resonated with him as it equipped him with the magic words to empower his clients to clarity into courage. 

Dave has experience working across multiple industries and his clients all have one thing in common. They care about achieving positive outcomes in ALL their key relationships, both at home and at work.

He creates this impact through immersive workshops with leaders and their teams as well as working with those leaders to create custom solutions that include everything from powerful keynote speeches through to long term group and private coaching. 

Honoring his own mission for more strategic solitude in the world, he has a self-confirmed obsession with word-burning saunas as well as crafting experiences of effortless belonging over food. Taking this passion one step further he and his family are actively working to build a small boutique luxury hotel for leaders who want to create magic moments with their family.